Best Online Gambling Sites Accepting Players from Sweden


If you're a resident of Sweden interested in online gambling, you've found the best location to find information on the top Swedish gambling sites. We've compiled this page with the goal of informing you about them and assisting you in finding the perfect one that's right for your unique needs.

We've built this page to help fill you in on what you need to know about Sweden gambling sites. Below, you'll find our list of the top websites for Swedish players. However, we didn't just call it a day there. Instead, we packed this page with other helpful information about laws, deposit options, and gambling site reviews. We've even included an FAQ section at the end of the page.

Up first, we wanted to provide you with our list of the top Sweden gambling sites. We've spent lots of time researching these sites and others with the end goal of bringing you a list of the best of the best. If you're a Swedish player looking to play online, these websites are the ones that will provide you with the best bonuses and gambling experience. In a later section, we'll give you color on our selection process if you'd like to learn more about why we chose these sites.

RankSweden Gambling SiteSign Up BonusCasinoSportsPokerGet Started
#1BetwayBetway100% up to €1,000Check MarkCheck MarkCheck MarkVisit Site
#222bet22bet100% up to €122Check MarkCheck MarkX-MarkVisit Site
#3PlayAmo CasinoPlayAmo Casino100% up to €1,500Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkVisit Site
#4Jackpot CityJackpot City100% up to €1,600Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkVisit Site
#5Spin CasinoSpin Casino100% up to €1,000Check MarkX-MarkX-MarkVisit Site

Understandably, you might not be prepared to select an online gambling site just yet. If that's the case, continue reading below to view the rest of the details we've provided. When you're ready to check out our recommendations, just come back to this section.

Below, we've included some handy jump links. You can utilize these to skip ahead to specific sections if you're short on time. However, to get the most out of this page, we'd suggest you read it from start to finish so you don't miss out on anything.

What Are the Gambling Laws in Sweden?

Traditionally, Sweden has been very tough with laws about gambling. Like many other countries, the reason for the strict stance is to help protect the country's citizens from potential gambling addictions. However, the country has developed laws over the years making it legal for residents of the country to gamble. Currently, Swedish players can participate in forms of gambling such as casino games, lotteries, and sports betting.

Up until a short while ago, residents of Sweden only had a single legal option when it came to online gambling. That option was state-sponsored Svenska Spel. However, Sweden recently opened up online gambling to other foreign companies. Thanks to pressure from the EU, Swedish players can now benefit from a more extensive variety of legal online gambling websites.

We've provided a link below to our page that's dedicated to the gambling laws in Sweden. You can use this page if you'd like to gain a deeper understanding of the gambling laws that may impact you as a Swedish player. To visit this page, simply click on the link.

How Do I Know These Sites You've Recommended Are Legit?

In this section, we wanted to give you a look under the hood at our very detailed selection process that we used to help us come up with our list of the best Sweden gambling sites. One thing's for sure; we definitely don't take this process lightly. Instead, we commit a significant amount of time to make sure that we select the most reputable online gambling sites for Swedish players.

Before we give you the scoop on things we look into, there's something you should know first. Here, we never allow gambling sites to buy their way onto our list. We do this so we're able to give you an accurate and honest reflection of the top Sweden gambling sites. To make its way onto our best of list, a gambling site had to be an industry leader in several areas.

Some of the areas we investigated are bonuses, customer support, banking methods, and track record. As we checked into these things and others, we scrapped any website that didn't represent what we'd expect from a top gambling site.

The most vital aspect that we investigated was the safety and security of each Sweden gambling site. With real money and private details like your home address at stake, it's critical that we only recommended gambling sites we trust 100%. Each one of our selections is a legit and trustworthy place where you can do your online gambling.

Deposit Methods Available for Swedish Gamblers?

As a Swedish player, you'll find many different banking methods you can use to help make a deposit for your online gambling account. To help give you some ideas, we've included a list below of some of the more common deposit methods available to folks living in Sweden. Keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive as you may have access to other options.

Bank Transfer Logo Neteller Logo Skrill Logo WebMoney Logo Visa Logo Maestro Logo Paysafecard Logo ecoPayz Logo

As you search for your perfect online gambling home, be sure to check out the deposit options these provide you. It's vital to know that banking methods vary between different sites which is why you'll need to locate one that gives you the ability to bank in your preferred ways.

If you'd like more information about the deposit methods listed above, be sure to click on the link below. On this page, you'll be able to get a more detailed explanation of all sorts of different deposit options including many that are not covered above.

Sweden Online Gambling FAQs

Lastly, we didn't want to wrap things up without giving you access to some frequently asked questions from our readers. Below, you can view questions and answers about Sweden gambling sites. Just click on one of the questions if you'd like to see the answer for it.

Should I use more than one gambling site?

If you're new to online gambling, our advice would be to start with just a single website. However, once you get a good grasp on online gambling, you can consider the option of using more than one site. Typically, using multiple websites is a good option for folks betting on sports. By using more than one gambling site, you can shop your lines to help ensure you're getting the best bang for your betting dollar.

Which gambling site should I pick?

Understandably, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and pick a gambling site if you're new to online gambling. To see some excellent tips on how to go about it, click on the link below. It will take you to our page that's all about how you can pick the right site.

If I'm not a Swedish player, can I still play at your suggested sites?

Those of you that reside outside of Sweden might be able to play at some of our recommended websites. However, the chances are you'd be better off using another gambling site that's ideal for your location. To view our top picks for other countries and regions around the globe, click on the link below.

Can I gamble from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes! If you're interested in mobile gambling, that will be an option for you at all of our suggested top Sweden gambling sites. We've checked to ensure that every one of them is mobile-friendly so that you can enjoy the convenience of gambling from your phone or tablet.

Are these websites my only online gambling options?

No. As a Swedish player, many different online gambling websites will allow you to play on their site. However, just because they will enable you to play there doesn't mean it's the best place for you to do your gambling. The goal of our top Sweden gambling sites was to bring you a list of the cream of the crop. By choosing to work with one of our recommendations, you'll be working with one of the best possible places for Sweden residents gambling online.

Is online gambling safe?

For the most part, online gambling is very safe. By doing a little research using sites like ours, it's relatively easy to end up on a reliable and legit gambling site. However, if you don't do any research before joining one, it's possible you'll end up working with one of the bad apples in the bunch. We're 100% confident that if you gamble at one of our suggested websites, you'll be in excellent hands.


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